Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Natural Remedy for Motion Sickness

With summer in full swing here in the USA, motion sickness becomes an issue for more and more people. Whether it is long car rides, or travelling by boat or plane, motion sickness can be a most unpleasant travel partner.

There is a natural remedy that is very effective as a treatment for motion sickness, Ginger. Ginger, (Zingiber Officianale) is a rhizome which is native to southeastern Asia, but is widely cultivated around the world, including in the US.

Studies have demonstrated that ginger is as effective as many pharmaceutical remedies in controlling motion sickness, and vastly superior to some over the counter remedies.

Some herbalists recommend using fresh ginger juice to treat nausea, and say it is more effective than a decoction made from the dried herb. I have found both to be successful, and have no clear preference.

To make ginger juice, grate several tablespoons of fresh root, (the fresher the root, the easier to grate, and the more juice will be produced) and either squeeze the grated root by hand or wrap it in several layers of cheesecloth, and squeeze to extract the juice.

To make a ginger decoction, simmer several pieces of dried ginger root for about fifteen minutes, and drink warm. You can sweeten with a little honey, if desired.

Whether you are using the fresh juice, or a decoction, it is most effective for motion sickness if taken about two hours before travelling.

Ginger is also available in capsules, and some people find those to also be effective. If you prefer capsules, follow the manufacturers directions.

Ginger is a very safe herb, taken in moderation. Some herbalists recommend against using ginger while pregnant, while others recommend it for morning sickness. My own experience is that ginger is safe in moderate doses, and can help with morning sickness.

Ginger can increase the secretion of bile, so if there are any problems with the liver or gallbladder (such as stones, or any bile duct obstructions), ginger should be used under a doctor's supervision.

If you suffer from motion sickness, try ginger, and enjoy travelling again.
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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Ginger. Although I don't like the taste, I'll take a Ginger tea over Pepto Bismol for an upset stomach ANY DAY! I take ginger capsules everyday along with Stinging Nettles, and it has really helped my hayfever/allergies. I used to take prescriptions, but I have been off of them for months now!

Your site has great information.

Edward C Dumchus said...

another herb I find helpful for hayfever/allergies is butterbur, which I take in capsules during allergy season

Anonymous said...

I'll take ginger tea over pepto for an upset stomah ANY DAY. Also, I take a half gram of ginger and stinging nettles 4 times a day, and it seems to help my allergies/sinuses. I used to be on Allegra and Nasalcort, and now I am prescription free!