Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Herbal remedies for Insomnia

There are several herbal remedies I have found helpful for occasional insomnia.

One of my favorites is chamomile flowers, brewed as a tea and sipped warm. It is a very relaxing beverage, and is often all that is needed. (It is also soothing to the digestion.)

For a stronger sedative effect, my favorite herbal remedy is a combination of the herbs Valerian Root, and Hops; I generally recommend two parts valerian to one part hops. (I have found that taking the herbs together is more effective than either alone, but both herbs have sleep inducing effects.)

I have also found that Valerian is most effective when taken as an alcohol extract, rather than in capsule or pill form, and generally use Hops as an extract also. I usually add the extracts to warm water (or a non caffeinated tea or herbal infusion) and sip that before retiring.

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