Thursday, January 04, 2007

Herbal Remedy for Holiday Over-Indulgence?

It's a new year, the holidays are behind us. Some of us may have eaten too much rich, fatty food, or had more alcohol than we should. We may be suffering the after effects of celebrating too well.

One of the body organs which is greatly affected by both rich, fatty foods and over-eating, as well as drinking alcohol is the liver. There is an herbal remedy that has been traditionally used to help support the liver for centuries, milk thistle.

In Europe, it is used not just as a supplement, but eaten as food. They use the leaves as salads, and eat both the stalks and the heads.

But the herb has a long history as a remedy and tonic for the liver, and has been used to treat many liver and gall bladder problems. It has even been used to treat cirrhosis (a hardening of the liver, often caused by excessive alcohol consumption), and has improved liver function.

So, if you have over-indulged over the holidays, try supplementing your diet with milk thistle; your liver may thank you.

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