Friday, July 06, 2007

Herbal Remedies and Pregnancy

I frequently get asked about using herbal remedies during pregnancy. It is difficult to give a simple answer to the question "Are herbs safe during pregnancy?"

Many herbs have been safely used for centuries during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a complicated condition and I believe that for anyone contemplating adding herbal remedies during pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary to do so only with the advice of their doctor, and/or an experienced herbalist. For that reason, I never give a direct answer to this question. And when I have personally worked with clients during pregnancy, I have always insisted that they clear all herbs with their doctor.

I have included some links to websites where you can find more specific information related to pregnancy; some include discussions about complementary or alternative medicine, such as herbs or acupuncture, some give the option of asking questions of pregnancy specialists. (Please discuss any information you get from these sites with your doctor, before acting on any recommendations. Remember that recommendations on a website are very general, your personal doctor is better suited to make specific recommendations appropriate to your situation.)

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