Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Gentle Herbal Remedy for Anxiety and Sleeplessness

Today, I want to talk about another herbal remedy with a long history of use, Chamomile. (I have written about this herb in another post, see January 2006 post on Chamomile and Dandelion.)

Chamomile is a very safe and mild herb, safe enough even for children, (but check with your pediatrician, first), the only real precaution is if you are allergic to ragweed and pollen, it may set off your allergies, as it is made from flowers. (I have hay fever, but I can take chamomile tea with no problem.)

One of the uses of chamomile is as a nerve tonic, it is used both to calm and tonify the nervous system. It is widely used as a natural sleep aid, because of its calming effect and mild sedative action. I have found it to be quite helpful for mild anxiety.

The flavor is mildly sweet, and tastes even better with a little honey, so it is an easy herbal remedy to take. And the ritual of making a cup of herbal tea can be very calming, along with taking the time to sip it.

I am talking about very mild remedies first, both because I always look for the least intervention that will give me the effect I am looking for, (in this case, calming and relaxing a nervous or anxious state) and , if you have a severe problem, with anxiety or insomnia, you should seek competent professional help.

I am always willing to answer questions from any readers, the easiest way to ask a question is with the form here.

The material presented in this blog is for informational use only and should in no way be used as a substitute for needed medical treatment. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose or treat disease. If you need medical care, please consult the appropriate medical professional. And please discuss with your doctor if you are taking or planning to take any herbal preparations.

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