Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shou Wu or Fo TI

Shou Wu or Fo-Ti

One of my favorite Chinese tonic herbs.

This herb, (botanical name: Polygonum multiflorum)  also known as He Shou Wu, sometimes Ho Shou Wu is one of the few Chinese tonics that are frequently taken as a single herb. It is available in tablet form, called Shou Wu Pian, which basically means Shou Wu Pills. (It is also part of many traditional Chinese herbal formulas, such as Shou Wu Chih, but I am talking about the single herb here.)

The Shou Wu Pian from China is usually available in a sugar coated tablet, which some people find easier to swallow. They are available without the sugar coating, but the plain tablets are sometimes harder to find.

Some herbalists feel that it is safer to buy products manufactured in the US, because there have been some incidents with contaminated products made in China. There are several manufacturers producing high quality herbal products such as Dragon Herbs here in the US.

Traditionally Shou Wu has been  recommended as a tonic for the Liver, Kidneys, and Blood. (in traditional Chinese medical terminology, these are not the same as what Western medicine means when talking about these substances and structures, but relate to functional descriptions.)

Shou Wu is considered a valuable restorative  tonic, and is taken to prevent premature aging. There are many stories about Shou Wu which claim it restores grey hair to its original color, increases fertility, and restores strength and vitality to theelderly. It is a very safe herb, even taken in high doses.

Shou Wu has been used as a treatment for sleeplessness. I have found it helps if the insomnia is caused by a deficiency condition.

I take this herbal tonic regularly, and I suggest you give it a try.

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