Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Do All Those Big Words Mean in the Herbal Books?

If you have read a little about herbs and herbal remedies, you have more than likely encountered some pretty strange words. Things like sudorific and soporific or cathartic and emetic. Some authors , especially in books, include a glossary so you can look up all those terms. But, sometimes, it seems the authors assume that anyone reading their work already knows the difference between an antipyretic (it is a substance which prevents or reduces fevers) and an antispasmodic (a substance which reduces involuntary contractions).

If you find words in your reading about herbs and herbal remedies which seem like they might be Greek, head over to my website at and click on the Glossary button. There you will find definitions of these and many more terms used to describe the actions and effects of herbal remedies. And if you can't find the word you are looking for, there is a button called Ask A Question, click on that and you can send me the question directly.

You can also use the Ask A Question to send me any questions about herbs and herbal remedies. I will respond as soon as I can. Just stop by my website and leave me your questions.

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