Monday, August 04, 2008

Herbal Remedies and Depression-Saffron

I read about an interesting study that was done at the University of Tehran, comparing fluoxetine (a pharmaceutical remedy used to treat medication, Prozac is a brand name) and a remedy made from the petals of the Crocus sativus flower.

The stigmas (they look like little orange or yellow threads) of this plant are the spice, saffron; which are very expensive. The petals, on the other hand, are not.

Over an eight week study, researchers found that the improvement rates were roughly equal in both groups. (If you want to read more, there is an abstract of the study available at: Medline Plus

The material presented in this blog is for informational use only and should in no way be used as a substitute for needed medical treatment. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose or treat disease. If you need medical care, please consult the appropriate medical professional. And please discuss with your doctor if you are taking or planning to take any herbal preparations.

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